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Who am I?


That’s a secret ill never tell. 

Remember that person who sat quietly in the classroom, and observed everyone’s behaviour? That one person who was never to be seen studying but would always achieve the highest grades of the institutions standards? The only person in the room you know would kill you in argument and slice your bitter pride with a stare. The one who listen to every instruction given but has her own set of rules. The one who doesn’t believe in the education system but is so well spoken.

The one who doesn’t stand out of the crowd but up close and personal has the perfect features. That’s me. Away from the crowd, away from the city, in a quiet lane in the corner of a dying country. I am an aspiring lawyer, present sales executive, and a queen amongst the words I write.

Her pillars were built from the South Asian community, inside you’ll find a world worth of culture.

I have fought, I have cried, and I have earned my way through owning every inch of ground I walk on.

I am here for all my Ladies, so if there ever a time you feel you need a ear, some words, and support then never be afraid to reach out to me.

My e-mail address is

Love, Always
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  1. Think we would have really gotten along if we went to high school together! Followed the rules teachers set to the “T”. Really pissed them of when I produced the very papers they had given us at the beginning of the semester as proof that I was following their orders! Wasn’t my fault they had tried changing the rules on us. Was a quiet person, unless you started an argument with me. Than I would win. Fought bullies off of my friends and little brothers, which gave me a reputation of one not to be messed with.
    Grew up handling dairy cows and throwing 175+ pound hay bales for a living. I keep my word sharp and to the point. Always carried a pocket knife with me. That was because the area in which I lived had a bunch of lazy farmers who didn’t secure the loads on their wagons. Had to split a few bales so the school bus I was riding in could continue on its route. I had to be home in time for milking!
    Jeanette Hall

    1. Thank you so much. That has really touched my heart. I’ve got so much more to learn, experience, and achieve until I can finally say I’m proud of myself, but I’m so appreciative of your comment. Thank you. X

  2. You’ll always feel being a wall flower is the best place to be. But someday you’re going to realize how much you missed. Break the chains. I was shy and the isolation kept me the loneliness person I knew for my entire grade school. In seventh grade A girl changed my perspective and I slowly changed.

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