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Is there an escape?


There’s so much hypocrisy in the Asian community. It’s suffocating. The roots, the principles, the morals I vouch for. Asians are given a great upbringing in terms of learning how to behave around people. How to treat people. How to be kind, how to react in a certain situation. The upbringing is the core of our characters and I vouch for that. Completely.

However, moving on; Besides that, there’s nothing. We call ourselves a community but we don’t stick together. We are not a team. We do not face the world together as a force. We compete with each other. Whose daughter is more corrupt than the others is what is more interesting to others than their own affairs. Why is such and such doing this, spreading rumours. Always got another persons name in their mouth. Why?

Why are we not able to progress with the time. We will always hold our values our strong morals. They are the pillars to our characters we take them everywhere we go. Yet we are still living in an era where in Asian communities, once we’ve entered the doors to our parents home, we are no longer in the UK. We’re in their country.
It’s imperative to move with the time, it’s impossible to function with anyone correctly being stuck in your ways – somewhere in the year 100BC. How can we still belong to families who are yet to see past gender equality. We grow up hearing they want us to become lawyers and doctors. Yet given the opportunity to study abroad or the opportunity to even work out of the country – no.

The Asian community has got so much to learn. They think becoming great entrepreneurs, millionaires equals being westernised. It does not. Correct yourselves.

Love ,Always

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  1. I hear what you say, but please know Asians are highly regarded among Westerners – your respect for family, your drive to succeed, your industry, and orderliness. I could go on. I can imagine your frustration — you want so much more. Good for you. I cheer you on, but please know you are already highly admired.

  2. True community and family is so important but is being eroded. And if it is not conducted with everyone’s interests at heart then many will get hurt. As part of this global community, I sometimes have no idea where I fit in when I disagree with so much I see, especially amongst the ruling elites and those that weild the power. Thanks for your writing though. Intelligent and thought provoking.

      1. Unfortunately many turn to drink, drugs, vice or economic domination.. Such a shame how we can all be split and divided when we are all one human kind and generally desire, love, acceptance, appreciation and community until it starts to go a bit wrong and it is every one or every group for themselves..

        I do fear the people with the greatest influence and power are often the least stable and least kind.. Not sure how we reverse this..
        I guess we start with ourselves and keep rippling out..

  3. The key to the survival of any “community” is its women. The better educated, the better the chances of moving the family, and by extension, the community to a better place. Strong moral values are most important. I can relate to your frustration of the unflattering comments made against others…sure wish that behavior could be tempered, moderated, discarded all together.
    It doesn’t seem like you enjoy this aspect happening around you.
    Hope you can change it. Hope it doesn’t change you.

    1. The worse thing about being around these situations day in and day out for numerous years, you can’t help but change yourself. It sad that you can see that to survive we need each other, but women won’t come together. The fact that we carry these morals around everywhere with is not seen as enough unfortunately. Again, thank you for showing your view.

  4. Oh my god, I’m indian and I couldn’t agree more! It’s like you read my mind and wrote this article. The obsession over engineering,medicine and law is accurate. I myself am going through that phase right now.
    Glad to see there is someone who can relate 🙂 Loved this~

  5. Hi thankyou for liking my blog. Don’t be too hard on yourselves, I’m from the Welsh valleys and we are similar as are most westerners once you scratch the surface. Let’s say, that the Welsh are not renowned for their business acumen and most of the grocery shops are run by people from the India sub continent and have been for decades. Ironically in Aberdare most of the Doctors are from that region too and in the early 1980s we had what must have been one of the first Asian Lord Mayors. He was a doctor from Pakistan, a communist (or at least very left of the Labour party) and an anti war and anti nuclear activist. Great credentials to my mind as the South Wales valleys had then declared themselves nuclear free zones. Then of course there was the miners strike, which marked the end of any left wing momentum.

  6. I hear the same feeling among each community of immigrants in a foreign land. Immigrants, especially those who left their countries for political and/or economic motives (without the active will to discover another culture), tends to be more “royalist” or “chauvin” than the host culture which welcomes them.
    Then you have a kind of apartheid within a community: the educated immigrant (rich or not) does not have any relation with the uneducated one. He fears that his new host “friends”, with whom he evolves (socio-economically), associate him with them, who have a bad “image”. So he or she cut all ties with the poor who are of the same origin. That is because they believe in the categories that mainstream media construct to divide communities, to distance them from one another.
    The (apparent) paradox comes up when you realize, after investing a little deeper, that the host community itself is highly divided as well.
    In fact, if we take the case of Western societies, they are built, since the French Revolution or probably even the English one, one or two centuries earlier, on the basis of “parties”, “categories”, “social classes”, where each aspire to draw the blanket towards oneself, at the expense of another community. The very existence of parties in democratic societies is the fundamental illustration of the total absence of “commonness” or authentic “community”. – Officially, a preventive disposition against the risk of fascism, fascism being understood as the system in which all segments of a nation have the same ultimate goal, target, interests, aspiration, giving rise to the enemy of democratic parties: Cesar-based regime. Regime of honor.
    In some respect, when the little Jesus will come back from the tomb where he once disappeared, it will not be to establish democracy but, who knows, pure, spiritual, divine fascism. (Fascism = faisceau (in French) = beam = kit => the gathering of many individuals (finally) going in the same direction). Mmmm…

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