The First Encounter. [Pt1]


It was always grey. I sat still, my hands wrapped around the white mug sat in front of me. The fresh pot of tea that had been poured into my mug minutes ago, burnt a map of warning signs onto the palms of my now sweating palms. I could not move my gaze. It stood frozen. She was so beautiful. Who was she? Her eyes cold, deep and alive, big and glazed with purity. They were patterned beautifully with the darkest kohl. Eyelashes curling effortlessly, a curtain to shade the window to this womans soul. The rest of her face was veiled with a sheer black material. It may have masked her other features, her eyes alone froze the running blood in my veins. There was no sense of pride or arrogance, just a thick connection of strength channeling from her soul to mine.

She stared right back at me.

I had never looked at another woman and felt an equality between us. I was always the more smarter. More hard working. The one with the most acheivments. I’ve been neglecting my appearance for an embarrassing number of years. I never felt the need to present myself to the world in a fashion they approved of. I was smart.  Why for the first time during my period of embarrassment did I feel self conscious. Her beauty poured through her veil, and created a pool of gold at my feet. I had lost the ability to keep or form relationships the moment I set foot into college. What was this strong desire to know this woman.

Nothing left my mouth. My hands at this point had lost the feelings in them, and I had gone way beyond caring. Talk to me. I would never approach her, I need her to talk to me. There was no physical attraction, this was something that went beyond anything sexual. It wasn’t friendship, nor hatred. It was power. We could not lift our lock because it determined who was most powerful. Talk to me.

I tore my hands off the mug as she stood up. I blinked. I blinked very infrequently.

She was gone. Just as I was going to allow my body to release a sigh of relief, in front of me was a mobile phone.

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  1. May 31, 2015 / 4:52 pm

    This has excellent descriptions that reveals the emotions that are present. Well done!

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