Try life without me booboo


 Some people will always mistake your kindness for weakness. No matter how much good you gift them, they will always expect more. No matter how many times you’ve pleased them, you will always be flawed. You can only express the kindest of words to someone and only receive hatred back in return. We can’t help that. 

Taking control of whether you’d rather be walked over like a mat picked up from the local scrapyard, or to avenge such animalistic behaviours is something we CAN help. 
Verbal abuse cuts deeper than any wound given physically. Words don’t bruise the outer tissues of our skin, they tear our insides. They scar us mentally,  they’re never forgotten. When people talk to me as though I owe them my life, when they belittle me and insult me for things only they don’t agree upon, they leave marks.

But I love these marks. They’re a reminder of all the people who have treated me like an animal. Having to hear day in and day out that no matter how great my actions I will never be good enough. Loving so hard but being so easily left. Supporting so fiercely and having your trust ripped apart. All these scars of pain having given me my marks of being a warrior. 

You control the level of positivity you want to be around.. These people who can’t see the good in you don’t deserve your presence in their life.. The favours you do for people that go unnoticed should never be unappreciated. The second you stop doing them, is the second you’ll be free. You will never escape the world of monsters that will reside amongst. But we can be free. 

We’re warriors. We lick the blood of our wounds and fight to see the next day. 

We’re Queens. We’re not talked down to, we are attained. 

Love, Always

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