Bridal Shower On A Budget

Dearest Readers,

Everyone around me is slowly but surely starting to get engaged, starting to settle down with their better half, starting the next chapters of their lives. Then you have me. I spend most my days discovering who I am and have just started falling in love with myself.

Nonetheless, I am over the moon for my Sistres out there who have found love and have started the next chapter of their journey. (For all my Orphan Black fans out there, you would have got the Sistres reference!)

Moving forward, my circle is very small , I can just about count my beloveds on one hand. I didn’t think I’d be bidding one of my girls away to their husbands any time soon since I’ve known all my sistres since secondary school. But whether I liked it or not the time had come and one of my girlies was soon to fly the nest.

As it was our first girl we felt we had to make her feel special but make it a beautiful and intimate get together all at the same time. As we always go to fancy restaurants & spoil each other with gifts on birthdays we didn’t want to do anything that felt the norm.

This was also during the time I was out of work so I had very little money and the money I did have helped me keep my car & pay other outgoings. I still wanted to invest all of my energy into making the first bridal shower as memorable as I could.

Me & Samiya sat down and we brainstormed our ideas. We decided we wanted a picnic party in the park since we got bouts of sunshine last year in Summer. Once we had picked the theme of our shindig we both set out shopping & got to work on making this the best picnic party ever!


I am the least creative I know. A lot of my inspiration comes from Pinterest so I spent hours going through different picnic boards just so I can get a few ideas on the sorts of things we needed to buy. Pinterest is rich with DIY projects and party ideas so if you’re planning something, do yourself a massive favour and get on Pinterest!

We had decided to set the time of the Picnic Party in the evening as we weren’t interesting in melting away with our sweat in the heat. We wanted a breeze, we wanted to watch the sunset. It truly is the best time of day in the Summer!

We had arranged the Picnic Party in Coombe Abbey Country Park as it is best known for its scenic views. Tucked away tidily in country side lanes, Coombe Abbey Park was a childhood favourite for us all. The park also had lots and lots of trees, easy to hang our decorations on.



I say easy.. It wasn’t the easiest of tasks. It took me at least an hour hanging up the colourful scarves onto the trees. I tried my best to create a tepee but just as I am not the greatest creative I am also not the best person with hardware or labour!

A lot of the decoration was found around our own homes. We used dupattas from old suits to hang on trees. We used candles and decor from around the rooms in our house to hang on branches and places around our table.

We placed blankets and pillows on the floor to give off a cosy ambiance and used an empty plastic box as a table which we decorated with flowers and candles.


I had known the bride since I was 11 years old. Our fathers had known each other when they were at school too. We are all 23 year old adults now.

As we sat on the floor and soaked in the warmth of summer we laughed so much about the amount of fights we had with each other. The amount of times we caught bunking of school and the number of times our parents got called into our head of years office.

We were the worst influence on each other but we grew closer and closer as the years have passed. I have watched the bride grow from an adolescent school girl to a beautiful wife and now mother.

It was beautiful watching her marry the love of her life and you can bet your ass I cried my soul out on her wedding day as though I was bidding off my own sister.

I love you always Faarah!

Love always,

NmDiaries ♡

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  1. Never fear about everyone getting married off .. I wish I would have waited much longer than I did to have gotten married. You’re the sweetest friend to throw her a shower! The picnic party looks like it was the perfect idea. I guarantee she felt loved. x

  2. Nice idea for a fellow. Definitely you’ll join the league soonest. Just allow things to unfold by itself. God is there cooking something cool for you.

  3. wow this is so helpful on how to stay on a budget and still have an amazing party! weddings these days are so expensive it’s always hard to participate. this is a great way to do it!

  4. Wow. What an awesome preparation for bridal shower and I love all your tips I wish I can do bridal shower too

  5. Beautiful to see that you were there for your “sistre” (and I definitely got the reference before you even mentioned it…love that show!)
    More people should look for more affordable, personal ways to hold bridal showers because at the end of the day it’s the thought and effort that matter most.

  6. This kind of love story happens less often but it’s always the best love story for one can tell cause marrying someone you have been in love with since childhood don’t happen often. So you should be very happy for your “sistre” am happy for her.

  7. ahhh so glad i won’t have to do all these things :p – but i know how important it is socially so il be sure to share this on my personal fb so any girls i know can take notes

  8. I love Pinterest for cute ideas like this! I’m getting married soon and love getting lost in all the goodies you can find on there with all the DIY you’d ever want. Great post!

  9. Lovely ideas….I remember mine like it was yesterday…great time to spend with lovely friends….your ideas are very practicable….the thought counts not the amount of money involved

  10. This is such an awesome bridal shower idea! I don’t think you need to spend a lot of money to give someone a special shower these days 🙂

    Louise x

  11. I love everything about this post! Bridal showers don’t have to be a huge put on. This sounds absolutely perfect.

  12. This is so cute! I am always on a budget and I have to plan my best friend’s bridal shower, so I am going to use these tips! Hopefully it’ll turn out as well as yours!

  13. What a beautiful idea! Absolutely love it! I’m organising a bridal shower for my best friend this summer and totally stealing this idea, it just looks so affordable but cute & fun! x

  14. But this was an amazing bridal shower! With so much love and effort exerted in the success of this event, nothing to ask for. 😀 Thank you for sharing.

    I wonder how my bridal shower will be like. I think thats the one I am looking forward to. Nah, my boyfriend hasnt proposed yet. 😛

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