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Dearest readers,

On Saturday last week myself & Ayesha made a spontaneous decision to make a day trip to London for the day for many reasons.

1. I hadn’t spent the day with Ayesha in what felt like forever. Traveling together the whole day through London, relying on each other for directions, supporting each other through our journey, lifting each others spirits through the weather, and most importantly creating a thousand memories definitely made up for all our lost time.

2. London is a bloggers heaven. Every nook & cranny is filled to the brim with cool and quirky sights to photograph. There are hundreds of gems to uncover in London & whatever I did no matter what corner of London I ended up, there was always something I could take back with me to document on my blog so I can look back in years to come at the places I touched with my presence.

3. The hustle & bustle of London is what makes London well.. London. I am from a pretty quiet town tucked away in the corners of West Midlands. Our shopping center is NOT a sight for sore eyes. We don’t have the greatest selection of eateries and lets just be honest, every nook and cranny is not filled to the brim with the coolest of cafes, and secret location, or it isn’t dripping with art galleries and well.. it just DOES NOT SCREAM CULTURE!

Moving forward, as the trip itself was made on whim, we hadn’t planned anything to do. We had decided we would use public transport to make our way around London but we hadn’t decided the areas we wanted to explore, the food place we definitely wanted to eat in, or a specific part of London we could stay in and work around. We were basically all over the place. Now although I would do things differently the next time I make a trip to London, the fact that the chaos was with Ayesha is what made the day memorable.

We drove to London & we parked in Stratford Westfields Carpark for the whole day. This cost us £6.00.


By the time we had reached the car park & had made our way to the underground – which can be found on the first floor of the shopping center, we had figured out what we were going to do. Ayesha really wanted me to see The Saatchi Art Gallery. She massively appreciates art & she knew it would really get my creative juices flowing & inspire my writing.

We were currently in Stratford & needed to get to Chelsea. In order to get there we had to get the CENTRAL LINE to MILE END and then from MILE END we had to get the DISTRICT LINE to SLOANE SQUARE.

I had purchased an all day rail card which allowed me into ZONES 1-4 on underground & buses for £12.00.

Ayesha uses Apple Pay on her phone so she was able to tap her phone to use the underground & bus for as many times as she liked for only £6.00!! No matter how many trips she made using public transport the amount is capped at £6.00!


Once we got to Sloane Square there was a short walk to the gallery. On our journey we passed authentic boutiques, urban cafés & quirky shops. We entered a small alleyway which lead us to designer shops. Nestled amongst the designer shops of the famous Kings Road in Chelsea you will find the Saatchi Gallery.


The gallery is split into three floor. Each floor is divided into section and every section offers the largest selection of original art and helps people all over the world find art and artists they love.

The site offers more than 500,000 original paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs by over 50,000 emerging artists from over 100 countries. The Saatchi Gallery aims to provide an innovative forum for contemporary art, presenting work by largely unseen young artists or by international artists whose work has been rarely or never exhibited in the UK.

– Saatchi Art

The coolest thing for me was the fact The Saatchi Gallery showcased art created by unknown artist, giving unknown artists exposure, allowing the general public and the commercial world of art to appreciate the work of people who aren’t famous or known in the art world. This then helps the artists who bare in mind barely have any money to their name to be discovered. Many of the artists who have showcased their art through Saatchi Gallery have been offered shows by galleries & museums internationally. The gallery in itself can be seen as a springboard for young artists to launch their careers. I find that beautiful.

The gallery very recently exhibited their new range of “selfie” art which is found on the very first floor! Whether you appreciate “selfies” as art or not the gallery very proudly tells us “selfies” ARE ART! This section of the gallery showcases wee known pieces such as Van Goghs as well as selfies that have taken the Internet by storm! It very cleverly shows you how artists have represented themselves over centuries.


You can get up close and personal with the art as well as become a part of it. Video screen projected across the walls of an entire room kind of made me feel like I was in Big Brother! It is actually quiet eerie.

As you walk your way around the gallery you are taken through The History of the Selfie from the Old Masters to the Present Day; Iconic Selfies from the Beautiful and Sublime to the Mad, Bad and Dangerous; UGC, Interactive Artworks, #SaatchiSelfie Competition; and Self-Expression.

On the ground floor you can find The Prints & Originals collection. Some pieces I could stand and stare at for hours. I have so many question –


What was the artist feeling when painting this”

What triggered this paiting from the artist”

What’s their story”

What is this painting a reflection of”

I wish I could paint

As you work your way up gallery to the top floor you will discover a range of Andalusian – Arab calligraphy inspired by poetry; by the hands of HH Sheikha Khawla Bint Ahmed Khalifa Al Suwaidi. I was drawn to her art the most.

“The poems and writings of H.H represent the nectar of her knowledge and experience in life. They combine shorthand style with humane values and ethics of humility, mercy, kindness, altruism, forgiveness, giving, tolerance, good manners, love and peace.”

On this floor you also found art dedicated to the lost lives of Syria & the horrifc events that have taken place in Middle East for years.


It was the perfect finish to an amazing experience at The Saatchi Gallery and I am so grateful to Ayesha for introducing me to the world on Contemprary Art.

20464361_10213669719796216_1337099695_n Heres the only cheeky picture I got of myself the entire day. Atleast I took a bagful of memories home! 

Here are a few cute quotes I took pictures of in the gift shops! Feel free to pin to your Pinterest!


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What was your favourite art piece? Let me know in the comments below!

Love Alway, 

NmDiaries ♡

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  1. I am dying to go here! It’s been on my list of galleries to visit for the long time but somehow I have still not made it….but it really does look as awesome as I expected!

  2. I don’t like in the UK but go every 2-3 years to visit family, and when in London I always spend my time at galleries. Haven’t been here yet, so adding to my list. Thanks – looks amazing here 🙂

  3. Thank you so much. I am in the states and will probably never be able to see such amazing art without sites like this. I love the red head in the mirrors. Just beautiful.

  4. I have heard a lot about this gallery. I love museums and galleries and didn’t have time to see all of them when I was living in London. So many great pieces in this gallery, i really want to go

  5. You’re absolutely right – London is a blogger’s dream! Thank you so much for sharing your adventures for the day and your visit to London’s Saatchi Gallery. So many beautiful pieces on display.

  6. What a great time you must have had. I love visiting museums and art galleries. You learn so much about people and get so much inspiration!

  7. This art gallery looks so interesting. I would definitely want to visit when I go to my Europe trip soon. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I havent been here, but definitely i will when i got a chance. I will add Saatchi Gallery to my travel list.

  9. I’ve always wanted to rent an apartment in London for a few months to see everything. I really enjoy art galleries so I’m really excited to see all of your art photos.

  10. I love going to galleries. They’ve got this interesting indescribable vibe in them, don’t they? Sounds like you had a good time 🙂

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