Lookbook: Revival Of The 90’s!

Dearest Reader,

Does anyone else feel like we’ve stepped into a vortex and we are suddenly back in the 90’s?

Think about The Spice Girls, think about Saved By The Bell, think about Monica & Rachel from Friends, think about glowing pop princesses! There is an absolute 90’s fashion revival happening right now and I am loving the 90’s girls have attitude all my ladies are pulling off amazingly. Somewhere between all the Britpop & the grunge, the 90’s left us with some style classics.

Love of the 90’s is back in full throttle and I have proudly dived into the deep end of the 90’s swimming pool!

Up first we have my favourite:

The Slip Dress

The 80’s bought us Nirvana’s Glam Glow, sequined prom gowns and shoulder pads. The 90’s bought us the slip dress. A look which serves as being simple but at the same time letting a woman’s personality speak for itself without needing a garment to do it for her,

Slip into the 90’s by throwing your strappy dresses over a grungy top or wear your most basic tee underneath. Don’t just stop there either, you can dress up or dress down your slip dress in a million ways.

Pair it with some cute heels for a night out.

Pair your sexy dress with some Doc Martins

Wear an oversized denim jacket over the top.

Grunge it up with a leather biker jacket!



The Layering

While a few years ago we might have knotted a plaid shirt around our waist for a real nod to grunge, the new 90s is about clean, subtle references that have one foot firmly in the present. Yes ladies, I am talking about the classic layering! Pairing your slip dresses, your jumpsuits, your rompers and dungarees with turtlenecks & t-shirts is a 90’s signature. What makes layering so great is that the combinations are virtually endless. You can mix and match your dress/romper/jumpsuit with cool blouses, shirts & tees!

If you live in the UK like me and experience all four seasons just by crossing the road then layering is your best friend! It gives you the freedom to wear even your most light weight items regardless of what it looks like outside!

Throw it back it to the 90’s by layering!


The Dungarees

Dear 90’s fans:

Our childhood staple has been bought back to life in multiple styles! They are slowly creeping back into our wardrobes and we are shamelessly wearing them. Dungarees are the Peter Pan of clothing. They never get old.

Dungarees are a wardrobe staple that have been valued for its comfort and wearability. Its ability to be recycled and worn in different ways meant that it possessed longevity. While decades ago The Dunagrees were predominantly worn as practical item of clothing for mechanic, farmers and construction works. Jennifer Aniston and Kylie Minogue however bought The Dungarees back in the early 90’s & it’s stuck for me since!

AND AGAIN they are perfect for layering!


What’s your favourite 90’s comeback?!


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Love Always, 

NmDiaries ♡

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  1. I would say the big jackets, crop tops, and chokers are my favorite so far from the 90s. And ripped jeans. You look beautiful by the way 😊😊😊

  2. I love some of the 90s fashions but much as I’ve always wanted some dungarees, at my size I just end up looking pregnant!!! But I do keep trying in the hope that I’ll find a pair eventually that suit me!!!

  3. love love love love look number 1 and 3, 90s is my era. and i love 90s style! i love the dungarees partnered with the fenty pumas. infact i might just have to do an exact copy of yours! thank you for sharing! your great!

  4. One thing that I definitely don’t want to come back from the 90s are skousers! – Did you ever wear them? A skirt over trousers – looking back at photos that my mum took at my 13th birthday, I thought I was so cool. What a dork! x

    1. Loooool Becca I am actually dying remembering SKOUSERS! My mum bought me so many designs and I can remember feeling so cool!!!! X

  5. Such fun outfits. I used to hate overalls as a kid in the 90’s but totally lvoe them now as an adult. It’s funny how things are brought back into fashion. You look great girl.

  6. Wow! Love all the looks that you created for this revival. 90’s style is one of my favorites as I was growing up and that was the first style I encountered with some understanding. 😀

  7. Some vintage eras I could live without. But the 90s don’t seem all that bad. Maybe they will in 10 years but they don’t know. And I am sure that layering would help you to wear all different kinds of clothing.

  8. I still have some of my original 90s clothing… I was a teenager in the 90s. I gues that makes them vintage. I do remember me and all my friends wearing little slip dresses with tshirts underneath when we went out to clubs and all the slogan tshirts too. Makes me feel so old!

  9. Oh my goodness, I am LOVING all these 90’s looks! I’m sure if I go up in my mums attics I’ll be able to find all my old clothes from when I was a teenager. She kept telling me she’d hang on to them because ‘one day, they’ll come back into fashion’ hehe

    Louise x

  10. I really like The Dungarees and layerings. You looks so beautiful on your outfits. I love how 90’s look coming back in a modern twist.

  11. oww im jealous this looks so good on you…Im really tall like 5ft7 so i dnt think this wuld suit me. Im trying to do a look book for my page but me and fashion lol its a tuff one lol

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