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FUSCA: Unmissable Vegan Restaurant In Warwick

Dearest Readers,

Who else likes going to quirky and fun restaurants? I am not a massive foodie. I am however a massive fan of uncovering the hidden beauties cities have to offer and this weekend I happened to be in Warwick doing exactly that! Today I am going to show you Warwick very first vegetarian & vegan restaurant – FUSCA!

Hidden at the end of a cobbled alleyway on Smith Street sits the entrance of Fusca. Stairs lead you deep into a cellar where you find the most cutest set up I have ever seen in a restaurant before. I first though I would find myself in a greenhouse surrounded by nature and plants. A place that celebrates vegetarianism. Instead I found myself sitting in a brick-ceilinged vault with no natural light and a central heating system nailed to the ceiling & decorated beautifully with door knobs!


The walls weren’t painted, oh no no not at Fusca! Little bits of scrap art are found in the corners of the small room. This just touched all the corners of my heart. I journal every single day. I am a HUUUUUGE art journal junkie! The little pieces of art really made the venue so much more intimate and comfortable.

There is a small seating area on the patio of the restaurant which where I originally wanted to sit. We have been getting very little sunshine this summer in the UK so the fact the sun was out this particular Sunday made me want to eat as well as enjoy the weather!

Boy was I glad I didn’t end up doing that. If you want to enjoy the fruits of the restaurant you need to plunge deep into its beating heart so off I went to find the best seat in the main dining area.

With its candle-lit subterranean setting, a collage that represented the “wall of randomness,” the entire restaurant was bursting with interesting architectural features.


The menu in itself is very imaginative. I am not a vegetarian or a vegan myself but I was excited to try these dishes out!


I had decided to go for the ‘Soup of the Day’ which was made up of lentils, parsnips, and coriander.

For my mains I had a pakora wrap! My GODDD! The pakoras were DIVINEEEEE!

The most fluffiest pakoras I have ever tasted!

To go with my meal I had a vegan cola made from herbs! It didn’t quite do the same job coke does for me but it was a nice alternative.


The food looked and tasted amazing & I would go back there in a heart beat. Every time!


What are you favourite quirky restaurants?

Love always,

NmDiaries ♡


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  1. The food looks so yummy, so happy you found a great place to eat at. The other day me and my daughter ate at a vegan restaurant and let’s just say we won’t be going back there ever again.

  2. wuhu, i never knew there is something in the world called vegan cola. i enjoyed seeing all those artistic and cozy pictures of restaurants. The review was fun too. Pakora wrap is a new thing on my menu now 🙂

  3. This is right up my street! (I literally live like an hour from Warwick and I’m a veggie/vegan food blogger haha)!

    I’ve also pinned this – and next time I’m in the area I’m gonna order the exact same as you haha!

    1. Suzannah! You have got to try this baby out! It is beautiful! Let me know if you end up writing a post so I can show you some love ❤️

  4. Hey! When I started to read this and saw the first few pictures I got a bit concerned about how excited you were and how beautifully you were presenting something that was looking to be quite drab. As soon as you hit the inside and the pictures of the food, you just think wow AMAZING!
    I love it when people are inventive and small businesses always make things so much more homely and loving.

  5. The place looks amazing & the dishes delicious 🙂 I’m going to pin this for later & if I’m ever around I’ll visit 🙂

  6. This was a fabulous article! I love learning about vegan restaurants, especially now that I’ve given up meat for good. And this place looks adorable! And the food seems yummy!

  7. I love places like this that are so quirky and different. I want to start changing to a more vegan diet and love finding out new restaurants like this.

  8. Oh what a lovely looking & sounding place. The food looks absolutely delicious 🙂 I’ll make sure I visit there if I’m ever around 🙂

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