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EIS CAFE – Birmingham

Dear Readers

You know when people say don’t judge a book by its cover. They don’t only mean humans. They mean EVERYTHING – even establishments!

I have walked past, driven past, ran past, had a conversation outside of this café for a number of years but I have never, I MEAN NEVER peaked inside to see what the place has to offer.

It was my older sister Deedee who went out with her friends one day to this baby and she put the entire thing on her snapchat.

I was baffled I hadn’t been there before especially since I am a sucker for a good dessert place that offers the cutest décor.

Sandwiched between an Indian clothe shop and a food joint, you can find EIS Café located in small heath on Coventry Road in Birmingham.


On entering the Café, there was a long line of customers to wait behind before being welcomed warmly but the Café’s rustic and playful interior. I was quick to establish the Café attention to detail.


The entire first floor of the café was packed to the brim of customers out with their families celebrating the last moments of their Eid together.

EIS Cafe is infamous for its 2000 calorie milkshake and I could hear everyone going crazy with their orders. Customers were climbing on top of each other to get their orders through!

I however went strictly for the décor!

I am usually quite shy to get out my camera and to start snapping shots everywhere, on this particular occasion I didn’t hold back.

I whipped out my camera like a sword and took photos of every little details as though my life depended on it. As though it was my last mission on Earth to take pictures of each nook and cranny of such an inviting and beautiful Café.

Eis Cafe offers the widest range of milkshakes, juices, smoothies & teas in Birmingham.

They also offer a wide variety of desserts which is what me and my siblings opted for upon our visit.


My youngest sister went for the Slutty Brownies because she felt this dessert was the perfect representation of her character.


My oldest sister went for a cheeky cookie dough


& I thought I’d be boring & stick to some fudge brownine waffles because I knew I wouldn’t finish it but I really wanted the marshmallows on top!


We headed upstairs to find a place to sit and boy, was that the best decision we ever made.

As you enter the doorway to upstairs, you are greeted by aesthetic on aesthetic on aesthetic!

My favourite part of the entire café was the type writer stuck on the wall as well as the quotes that were typed up and hung on a line showcased in a frame.


It was difficult not to take pictures, I just fell into full blown appreciation of the art.

Upstairs there is additional seating but of course the seating arrangement made no difference to me being there – I was in awe of how much details they put into the Café. Each wall was printed with a cute pictures & quotes.



EIS Café is honestly a Tumblr addicts dream. I would highly recommend the trip to Birmingham just for this Cafe!

Whats your favourite part of a restaurant/dessert palour?

Love always,

NmDiaries ♡


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  1. That dessert place looks amazing! I love the shabby chic look and the old fashion style till! this place looks amazing!

    and they seem to have pretty great flavours too.

    I’m not really a dessert person therefore I don’t have a favourite dessert place. any place that can serve up a great banofee

  2. I have a Sushi bar that looks exactly the same from outside, but oh my gosh – the food is absolutely incredible! I totally know what you mean haha. Food looks delicious!

  3. Aw, love this little café! It has a very vintage cozy look. Couldn’t help but laugh at the stairs “mañana es lunes”, haha, seems so out of context with the other sayings!

  4. Wow, what a cool place and what amazingly decadent desserts – definitely the place to go if you want to splurge! Loving the look of all those ice creams!

  5. What a cool place. People judge the outside of establishments all the time, what else is meant to get you through the door without any prior knowledge. This shop needs a external makeover as the interior looks amazing.

  6. Oh wow, this place looks amazing and the desserts out of this world. We have GiGi’s here in Bournemouth but the decor isn’t anything as quirky as this

  7. I am in love with that cafe….everything looks beautiful….love the different flavours of ice creams and seeing the post I am craving for some….

  8. Slutty brownies! Holy moly those desserts!!!! I’m about to buy a plane ticket! You weren’t kidding about not being able to judge a book by its cover. I would have walked right by that little place…completely missing the treasure within! Enjoy!

  9. I love the look and atmosphere of this place- so cool! My favorites are the typewriters and that bike- how vintage chic! The desserts look so yummy too 🙂 I wish they had a place like this in my city!

  10. It’s funny when you suddenly go in somewhere that you’ve passed by for ages… I’ve done that too in London. In your post, what I love most is the signs on the walls… and the desserts. Wow.

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