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Elans Café – London

Dearest reader,

For my 24th birthday my girlfriends took me out to the richest corner of London. Mayfair. We all tried bagging the Mayfair slot on the Monopoly board!

We were dressed to the T in our heels, our luxury outfits & our designer handbags. Well, Samiya had her DKNY bag on, I wore my River Island bag!

The girls told me we were going Brighton to have a stroll along the beach & to find cute places to take pictures for my blog. I love my ladies for always remembering my blog when they think of me. It’s actually the most nicest thing anyone can do for me.

Anyway, when we ended up on Edgeware Road in the middle of London I suddenly realised we were not heading to Brighton to take a nice stroll on the beach. As usual I kept looking out for signs to help give away their surprise but I actually had absolutely no idea where we were heading.

In order to find a parking space we drove around the Café several times and I still did not catch on that was where we going.

When we were at the arch of the doors did I realise we were going for desserts at a Café that stepped right out of Instagram. Sandwiched between luxury 5* hotels and Harrods estate agents you will find the dainty two floor Café.


The Café was packed to the brim and people were spilling out of the doorway. There was a short wait to be seated but we used this time to take pictures!! Of course.

A selection of savory and sweet treats were displayed neatly for show.

Everything looked so tasty and adventurous!


The waitress recommended some hot drinks and although I found the service to be great I wasn’t a huge fan of the hot chocolate. It eventually made us feel quite sickly in the end because of how sweet it was. It was definitely something to picture nonetheless.


We chose a selection of cakes for ourselves, well when I say selection I don’t really mean a big variety. We’re boring and I for one am not spontaneous with my food choices! Me & Samiya picked the red velvet cake & Faarah went for some type of caramel cheek cake! Are we basic & simple?. Yes we are!


I only got to see a snippet of downstairs from using the loo but I could tell downstairs was packed with gorgeous interior, it’s a shame I couldn’t stop to take pictures!


It was a beautiful day, I was in a beautiful location, with beautiful people. I couldn’t have asked for a better day!

I loved the Café I think its in a prime location, and perfect for bloggers/Instagrammers. You will not leave the Cafe without getting amazing shots of everything it has to offer on the surface.

I was not a massive fan of the menu nor the drinks – I think more thought went into how the Café looked than what the Café served. I will never complain about good interior though so I was ecstatic about trying Elans Café.

What are some of your favorite Cafés in London?!!


Love Always,



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  1. What a pretty cafe, you are right just perfect for instagram. The savoury food looked pretty good – often it is just the cakes that are on display but it looked good in your photos.

  2. What a nice surprise! 🙂 I’m not from London, so can’t really send you recommendations, but if you are ever in Vienna, we have many good cafes that I can totally recommend! 😀

  3. A coffee lover here so I would definitely love to visit a cafe like this with delectable cake! Wish to visit London though soon.

  4. The desserts look amazing! It’s true that a lot of places seem to put more thought into the decor and their location than the food these days.

  5. I have never been to London so I am just learning about the Mayfair area. It does look devine and that cafe is a place with the most amazing desserts I have ever seen. I hope to go someday.

  6. Oh wow, this Cafè looks like an amazing place to spend relaxing time! And these cakes omg, sure delicious!

  7. i wish i knew about this olace before i decided to go on a diet loool the food looks so tasty and i have the biggest sweet tootsh addiciton!!
    i feel like nowadays a lot of places focus on the interior / the atmosphere. But its also so important to focus on the actual food! its good for us bloggers but what about the normal people lol. Im glad yu had a good birthday celebration. i enjoyed being 24. Now im 25 …. 🙁 lol

  8. Happy birthday! Isn’t it awesome to have friends like them? I bet you had a great time. Elans Cafe looks like a perfect place to visit when craving for sweets. The food looks yummy!

  9. OMG how Stunning 😍 and those cakes. I want to eat them in a cafe like this one. It really looks so cute plus all the favorite things of mine at one place, what’s better than that. Would love to visit it one day. Pictures are so good. Loved this post 💕

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